HIPAA compliant cloud based software... That really works.

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Fly Through the Scheduling

Surgical Document Management System (SDMS) automates the surgery scheduling request to make it smart, fast, error-free, and friendly. Forget the phone. Forget the fax. Forget the paper. Error checking, templates, drop down lists. Track the cycle - Submit, Approve, Confirm. SDMS gets it all under control.

Manage the Documents

It all has to be there, and it has to be right. Labs, studies, insurance, images, implants, and more. Different sources, different doctors, different dates, different types. And when surgery dates change, documents time out. We manage all that with visual cues and alerts.

SDMS doesn’t care where documents come from. Fax or Upload. We make it all digital and we let users view it from anywhere. With encryption, audit logs and permission levels, we secure the PHI.

Accuracy and Efficiency

What’s the goal? To do it better and to do it for less. Surgery Scheduling Requests and Peri-Operative Document Management. You’re doing it now - but it’s time consuming and prone to error.

SDMS changes that and we have the numbers and case studies to prove it. Both the OR and the doctors save time and money. And that’s good for business.

Clinical Smarts Built in

The Facility sets the document requirements - based on age, sex, and anesthesia type - and SDMS automatically gives you the tools to make sure they're there.

Whatever it is. Pre-Op visits - built right in. Tracking, identifying, and sending warnings. Life is busy, reminders help.