HIPAA compliant cloud based software... That really works.

HIPAA and Security

When dealing with Protected Health Information, security issues are paramount. The efficiency and cost savings of cloud (internet) based applications are well established, but concerns about security have slowed the adoption of this technology in healthcare. Over the past few years, accelerated implementation of government mandated Electronic Medical Records, Health Information Exchanges, and Electronic Data Exchange, have proven that the internet can be used safely and effectively. However, the cost and complexity of creating HIPAA compliant applications is not insignificant.

  ABP Technology was created to harness the efficiency and scalability of the internet, to provide cloud based applications to the Healthcare industry. Our first consultant was a HIPAA authority, the individual who wrote 21 CFR 11. 21 CFR 11 is one of the primary regulation sets that underlie HIPAA. He has worked on over 250 HIPAA applications. He was involved with every step of the development of SDMS. Upon receipt of his final pre-release review and letter of compliance, he said, “You did everything right.” He remains a crucial member of our team.
Security is an ongoing challenge. As new “hacking” techniques are developed, we respond, staying ahead of the curve. We have contracted with an industry leader in Security and Vulnerability to do weekly to bi-weekly comprehensive vulnerability testing. Reports, including the vulnerability testing results and any remediation steps we perform, are available to our clients.

When it comes to HIPAA and Security, we are an open book. We welcome questions and full audits. We require a signed Business Associate Agreement, which defines clearly our responsibility to you. ABP Technology is laser focused on HIPAA and Security.